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Hi everyone!^^
I´m a (now) 22 year old BJD-addict. I just adore the variety and beauty of BJD's , so I made a Doll-Blog to honour all the creative BJD-Owners out there^^
I myself have 7 BJD's at home now: Miku (Migidoll Yuri, you can see a picture of her up there), Chô (DIM Flowne), Aki (Bobobie Song), Amy (Dollzone Ami), Reika (Migidoll Noel), Ashley (Migidoll C.Cho) and Kyouka (Migidoll Janus Miho).
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1. Favourite type of fashion.

Definitely Lolita~ I just love everything about it, the lace, the frills, the cute patterns, the pretty fabric <3 

2. If you had to eat one food for the rest of your life, what would it be?

I guess it would be kebab, because there’s everything in it x3 so if I didn’t want to eat meat, I could just eat the vegetables.

3. Dream occupation?

Working for a BJD company x3

4. Any unusual hobby/habit?

Well some find me collecting dolls quite unusual x3 but I also do a lot “weird” stuff like making dance videos for my friends, or giving them strange presents (once a friend and I tied a bag with a coffee in it to my other friends car and another time we just sneaked up in front of her house and put a coffee in front of her door). I guess that’s unusual enough x3

5. Are you watching any anime/series right now? How do you find it?

Currently I’m of course watching Sailor Moon Crystal °3° and I like it pretty much, although it’s a loooot more cheesy than the old one >3 but I really like the drawings and everything (except for the weird 3D tranformations).

6. One object you really treasure/is very special to you.

That one is easy, it’s my first BJD Chô, because she’s been with me for a long time and I have had so  many beautiful experiences since I got her.

7. Got/want any piercings/tattoos? Describe them!

Actually I would like to have a red butterfly on my back, because as some people might know I’m totally into Fatal Frame which is the best horror game series ever! <3 I don’t want to give away any spoilers for those who haven’t played it, but in the second game the red butterfly plays quite a role. For me the red butterfly symbolizes what I have gone through that time when I was playing Fatal Frame, because I had a really hard time at school and every time I play any Fatal Frame I feel a lot connected to the characters, because they always go through so much suffering, but in the end it’s alright, even though some things change.

8. A fact about your personality.

I can be really really shy, weird enough I sometimes have the feeling I’m even more shy when talking on the internet which is weird >3<

9. What I love most about myself!♥

I like my hands and nails pretty much and my eyes and hair :3

10. Weirdest thing someone has told you?

Hmm…I guess there are too many weird things, but one of them might have been when I was on a school trip and I was sitting in a restaurant with all my classmates and my friends and me were sitting at a seperate table and suddenly my best friend almost shouts out: ‘Omg I have already seen everyone here at this table without underwear!’

11. Which country/countries would you like to visit and why?

Japan! because they have Lolita shops there and a Volks store and omg they just have everything I want to buy and beautiful temples and Onsen and just everything I love! x3

Aaaand I’m tagging no one, because I’m just too lazy to think of any questions atm x3”“

Hello everyone! :3 I hope you’re having a nice day ♥

I’m just doing a little bit of advertising for my other doll blog full of photos of my BJD’s :

I would be very happy if you took a look around! :3


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